Attributes of ASPRA BREATHERS are:

It can be handled / fitted robotically increasing production and productivity of the assembly line and reducing cost of manufacturing substantially.

It breathes out when hot.

It breaths in when cold.

It ensures no water ingestion.

It prevents oil expulsion in normal running condition.

It arrests oil vapour and saves atmospheric air from contamination.

It does not allow oil expulsion, when settles upside down, after meeting accident and avoid s chances of possible fire.

It allows only clean air to breath in.

In fact the Double Shaft Breather with filter design increases the life of the lube oil infinitely.
Explanation : Let us understand the function of this design --
It is like a double cylinder engine. The pistons in both the cylinder rests on air tight seats. One loaded with spring from the top and the other with spring at the bottom. Both opens at +1.5 p.s.i and -1.5 p.s.i for exhaust (when hot) and for suction (when cold), respectively. In normal running of vehicles the pressure, inside, hovers between the extremes of 3 p.s.i and thus the chamber containing lube oil is not exposed to the ravages of the outside world. So, its viscosity is maintained, rather, infinitely. We may compare our gearbox / differential with ASPRA BREATHER to sealed bearings that are not exposed to dirt from any other impurities and are lubricated for life time and doesn’t need greasing through grease nipples.
In extreme / arduous conditions, when chamber gets extremely hot or cold, the piston opens momentarily breathing out or breathing in a little air through the filter, which is washed in normal washing / servicing of the vehicles, and does never choke.
We say a little air, because the spring loaded pistons closes quickly under the power of the spring. Assume the chamber has reached the pressure of 1.5 p.s.i. It will open, allow a little of air to exhaust and close when the pressure drops to 1.4 p.s.i or so. Likewise if chamber has reached suction pressure of -1.5 p.s.i , the piston with lower to breath in a little filtered air and close when the suction pressure reaches -1.4 p.s.i or so.
The lube oil, in gearbox / differential is thus completely protected from environment. Its just the opposite of present venting system. In the present system the lube oil gets dirty as it breaths in dirty air, allows dirt and water ingestion . it breaths out oil vapour and spills oil in normal running and also when vehicle meets accident and settles upside down. Clogging of present system vent is inevitable, ensuring damage to the axle seals. Lube oil gets dirty, even when vehicles are not running, as night and day temperature difference exposes lube oil to dirt.
In final analysis, we may say that ASPRA Breather keeps lube oil SHIELD / PROTECTED from dirt etc. giving it eternal life and save mother earth from regular discarded oil. While present system vitiates the lube oil and forces us to frequently change them, and discard it in the lap of our mother earth, besides regularly spilling on the road and vaporizing it in the atmosphere.

It substantially increases life of the lubricant.

It ensures smooth drive as no dirt mixes with lubricant in the gearbox / differential.

It increases life of the pinions, and seals on Axles

It improves fuel utility and increases mileage.

Compatible with most kinds of oils.

Temperature resistance is upto 400F.

Available for distribution in Global Markets.

It is completely recyclable hence environmentally friendly.

It is made from fire resistant materials.

And above all reduces burden on mother earth as a result of reduced / eliminated oil vapour in the atmosphere, oil spillage on road and reduced discarded lubricant, that mother earth has to deal with.

Finally, adding value to the vehicle. Customers has increased oil change intervals, saving the money. In other wards, ASPRA Breather adds value to your vehicles, reduces cost of manufacturing and also puts money in your customer’s pocket, perennially.

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Benefits of ASPRA Breather


Automation of assembly line, through robotic application replacing manual fitting of current venting system of nipple, pipe, clamp, clip is bound to improve capacity utilization of the facility and increase production.


Reduced manpower on the assembly line, logistics such as inventory, warranty claim, servicing, storage etc. will reflect substantially in productivity.


Reduced cost on Human Resources, reduced capital employed, increased capacity utilization, increased sales due to more customer’s satisfaction, is bound to reflect in the balance sheet, favorably.


a) Directly, eliminating chances of expelled oil coming in contact with some hot part of the vehicle (after it settles upside down after meeting an accident), resulting in appearance of flame, while passengers are trapped inside the vehicle .
b) Indirectly, causing slippery surface around accident site with obvious dangers.
c) No oil vapour in the air and no spilled oil on road and discarded oil at regular interval, protects our environment and thus prevents health hazard to the habitats of this globe.

5. Customer’s Benefits :

a) Burden of frequent oil change, repair of Gearbox / Axle, oil seals will go a long way. Benefitting the customers perennially, through the life of the vehicle.
b) Smooth drive as viscosity of lubricant is maintained.
c)Improved mileage as sluggishness due to contamination of lubricant eliminated.
d) Hassle free drive in flooded road condition as no water ingestion, on emulsion , no foaming out of lubricant , stalling the vehicles midway.
e) No plugging of vent due to S.P.M of air and resultant damage to oil seals on the axle etc. (Breathing out of oil vapour and Breathing in of S.P.M laided air clog the nipples).


a) Prevents oil vapour expulsion and air Pollution.
b) Prevents oil spillage in normal running condition and even in case of an accident.
c) Burden of discarded oil at regular interval, is eliminated.
d) Reduced / eliminated breakdown of Gearbox / Axle reduces exploitation of Mother Earth’s resources.