Breathers for Gear box and differential are different? or can same breather be fitted on both ?

ANS : Same Breather is suitable for both application

Are Breathers for Diesel , Petrol or Electric / Hybrid Vehicles different ?

ANS : No, same breather is suitable for all the vehicles.

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Breathers for small or heavy vehicles are different or same breather is suitable for both ?

ANS :Same can be fitted on all types of vehicles.

Can adoption of ASPRA Breather reduce our inventory and overall cost on logistics?

Yes, same breather ( just one part number) will be universally installed, adopted on all platforms, after the female thread size is standardized.

W.Edward Demings teaching of

1. One part number One vendor and

2. Reduced inventory,

To ensure improved quality and productivity to manufacture automobile at competitive cost can be realized by adopting ASPRA BREATHER?

ANS :Yes, the concept is realized in totality.

Its seems that ASPRA people are ardent Students of W.Edward Deming’s teachings.?

ANS : Absolutely right. We design, manufacture, get customers feedback and again come back to the drawing board to re-design and follow the same path of designing, manufacturing …….. Enclosed circle as shown below.

What is the life of the Breather ? How frequently it needs to be changed ?

ANS :It is suitable for life of the vehicle. However at schedule oil change time (servicing) instead of changing oil, viscosity of oil be tested and if its found in good condition, instead of changing oil the breather with fresh filter be installed to further prolong the oil life. This repeated till the oil is maintains in its prime health. Spend a penny and save a pound. Only experience will tell us, as to how much the lubricants life can be extended. .

What if breather is not replaced ?

ANS : Nothing much will happen with old breathers, just wash and serviced, lubricant’s life will continue to be extended to at lease twice its normal life, saving our customer’s a lot of money perennially.

Will the Filter be not chocked ?

ANS :No, normal servicing / washing will maintain it in good serviceable condition.

How is it that it does not choke ?

ANS :Since the pressure and suction valves opens at +1.5 p.s.i and -1.5 p.s.i. It so happens that in normal running condition of the vehicle usually pressure inside gear box / differential hovers between +1.5 p.s.i & -1.5 p.s.i. Only in extreme climate condition, it crosses above limits and open momentarily bringing down the pressure slightly (say from +1.5 to +1.4 or so) as the spring closes it, fast. Thus very small breathing takes place, occasionally. Besides the dust (SPM) settles around the fluff on the periphery (it doesn’t penetrate inside), which is cleaned during washing / servicing.

Will the normal breather with internal filter serve well in extremely dusty conditions ?

ANS :For extremely dusty condition, ASPRA Breather with external filter is available.

Is ASPRA perusing its mission of saving our mother Earth from pollution, for the posterity by investing in R&D continuously, even now ?

ANS :Yes, in fact ASPRA’S primary mission has been to protect mother Earth. (The inventor, being a Mining Engineer, in his fag end of life, has urge from within, to heal our mother Earth, which was exploited by him throughout his life as a mining Engineer).

Does ASPRA believes in continuous improvement of product by R & D .

ANS :Yes, we have continued R&D to improve the breather, so that quality product at most affordable price be provided to our auto manufacturers & customers.

In Breather Technology – a brief history : pricing from one dollar to two dollars has been mentioned. Are these prices fixed or negotiable ?

ANS :Yes, very much negotiable, depending on the volume and future research, it is negotiable. Purpose of mentioning price in above context is to show that research has resulted in reduction of cost of manufacturing from three dollars to two dollars. With increased volume, automation and productivity improvement cost can be contained further

Has ASPRA Breather been tested and fitted by any automobile company in India or abroad ?

ANS :Yes, it has been fitted on lakhs of vehicles in India (Mahindra & Mahindra auto, HMT Tractors etc.) and abroad for last 5 years and continue to be fitted on more and more new platforms, around the globe

How many more auto companies have tested or have shown interest in ASPRA BREATHER ?

ANS :Only since last year (2013) marketing in India has been started. Almost all 70 possible customer in India has shown great interest and has started testing our BREATHER . Maruti Suzuki and Mahindra REVA have already approved our Breathers. M&M has approved our Breather for many more platforms and continue to test on more and more models. They are moving ahead to achieve goal of one part number one vendor philosophy, by installing our breather on all their platforms.

How come M&M auto started fitting our Breather, 5 years back ?

ANS :Story is told in Breather technology – a brief History.. Its like this. In 2008, we mastered ASPRA BREATHER designs and gave some samples in USA for testing. Borg Warner had our samples. M&M had manufactured some Gear box / Differential on design given by Borg Warner, but were facing problem of oil expulsion on testing. When they referred back to Borg Warner , they advised M&M to contact us for solution and we solved their problem with our breather instantly. So they started fitting our Breather on their new platforms.(Of course, they subjected our Breather to intense lab and field tests for almost a year, before adopting them).

Why all these years marketing was not done in India ?

ANS :We, earlier thought that we had developed the Breather for USA (robotic application). ASPRA WORLD was given responsibility to market it in USA. They couldn’t progress much as , since USA was reeling in acute recession from 2008 to 2012. Now USA is also catching up fast on our breather. Moreover, ASPRA Engineering India was focused on R&D, all these years. Now that the breather is 5/6 years old and successfully used on lakhs of vehicles in India as well as abroad, we have decided to market it in India and Abroad vigorously. So, in 2014 we intended to let the world know of our inventions and its benefit. ( It serves manufacturers, customers & mother Earth in equal proportions).

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Benefits of ASPRA Breather


Automation of assembly line, through robotic application replacing manual fitting of current venting system of nipple, pipe, clamp, clip is bound to improve capacity utilization of the facility and increase production.


Reduced manpower on the assembly line, logistics such as inventory, warranty claim, servicing, storage etc. will reflect substantially in productivity.


Reduced cost on Human Resources, reduced capital employed, increased capacity utilization, increased sales due to more customer’s satisfaction, is bound to reflect in the balance sheet, favorably.


a) Directly, eliminating chances of expelled oil coming in contact with some hot part of the vehicle (after it settles upside down after meeting an accident), resulting in appearance of flame, while passengers are trapped inside the vehicle .
b) Indirectly, causing slippery surface around accident site with obvious dangers.
c) No oil vapour in the air and no spilled oil on road and discarded oil at regular interval, protects our environment and thus prevents health hazard to the habitats of this globe.

5. Customer’s Benefits :

a) Burden of frequent oil change, repair of Gearbox / Axle, oil seals will go a long way. Benefitting the customers perennially, through the life of the vehicle.
b) Smooth drive as viscosity of lubricant is maintained.
c)Improved mileage as sluggishness due to contamination of lubricant eliminated.
d) Hassle free drive in flooded road condition as no water ingestion, on emulsion , no foaming out of lubricant , stalling the vehicles midway.
e) No plugging of vent due to S.P.M of air and resultant damage to oil seals on the axle etc. (Breathing out of oil vapour and Breathing in of S.P.M laided air clog the nipples).


a) Prevents oil vapour expulsion and air Pollution.
b) Prevents oil spillage in normal running condition and even in case of an accident.
c) Burden of discarded oil at regular interval, is eliminated.
d) Reduced / eliminated breakdown of Gearbox / Axle reduces exploitation of Mother Earth’s resources.